Skype with Clarence


January 31st

Isn’t Clarence cool?

In regards of understanding Personal Learning Networks these were my notes that sparked my thinking–do they spark yours?

  • Hooking kids up with other kids both locally (in the classroom) and globally (links to Africa)
  • Giving students a platform for sharing thinking, presenting, which invites an audience and validates student work
  • Leaving topic lists open to engage students at their interest level (motivation)–AIDS and hope in Africa
  • Allowing students to connect themselves in and feel that they are significant contributors in today’s world (self-to-others)

My BIG take away:
Reminds me that motivation is probably the biggest key to meaningful connected learning.
What about you?

One Response to “Skype with Clarence”

  1. 1 Jeff Utecht

    Next to motivation I would put meaningful. I think learning has to be meaningful to students. They need to understand why they need to learn something. We do not learn for learning sake, we learn so that what we learn will lead to deeper understanding our allow us to do something really cool. Connecting via Skype to a Elephant keeper is more meaningful then reading about it in a book. 10 years ago we only had the book…today we have Skype.How relevant is our curriculum to what students need to know? Is our curriculum teaching students the skills they need to have to be productive world citizens? Just two questions that I’m continually asking myself these days. 🙂

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