Project Sketch


February 28th, 2009

Grade Two Students will partake on a Webquest to support learning about the African Grasslands. In April, students will go through a simulation safari to Africa and as part of research, students will work towards understanding these essential questions:

  1. How do individuals adapt to their environment?
  2. How does the environment affect how people and animals live?
  3. How can I use non-fiction text to become a better reader?
  4. How do I use non-fiction text to learn something new?

The project sketch:
Students will navigate and learn to navigate a website. Students will learn to use non-fiction text and text features to support their learning of African Animals. The students will extract factual information into a note-taking activity sheet. Notes will be used to create part of an “All About ______Animal” Report. The report will be a facet of their overall unit Scrapbook assessment. An oral recording using Voicethread, Quicktime, or Photobooth will be used as a reflection tool to address their own learning processes (metacognition thread).

***Please Note: I AM SO EXCITED TO TEACH THIS PROJECT!! Inspiration is motivation

image courtesy of Creative Commons

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