The World’s Window


21 March 2009
Class #2
After reading, discussing and reflecting on two articles: Your Online Reputation Can Hurt Your Job Search and Protect Your Digital Footprint, a deep sense of paranoia has penetrated my psyche. If there is an electronic trail of everywhere I have been on the internet, and “people” can access that information, and in fact make it public, am I free to truly speak my mind? Now I am thinking…..what mistakes have I already made regarding blog-i-quette and who is watching me? A better question is WHY is someone watching me? I am really not worthy of stalking…..

What if I write something that offends someone so deeply (by accident of course) that it actually affects my potential as a candidate for a future job? What if for example, I put myself out there to the world, and confess that I ‘loathe’ the Dodgers Baseball team in LA? I am a San Francisco Giants fan, but if I actually admit this in front of everyone–CAN it actually affect my Character and Reputation as a potential employee of “_______’s” company? I used the word loathe, which for me is a strong a word….but what if I used: hate, or detest or abhor?? Is word choice really that important? Am I overthinking this all BIG BROTHER? I mean, I am a really nice person, with some skillz, but what if I stray a bit to the Dark Side? Will digital lightning strike me down? I am so worried. Please advise.

Dear SusiP.,

I see you are feeling a bit paranoid about your digital footprint. Indeed, words on the internet and in front of the “World’s Window” does count as a reflective piece of your character, reputation, moral fiber, disposition and social status.
My best advice?? Be careful friend….walk gingerly with thy words, someone is watching.

Best Regards, Big Brother

6 Responses to “The World’s Window”

  1. 1 Pacie

    Hi Susi! I love the letter format of your post; it makes for fun reading. Although it is creepy* that so much information is recorded about us, I think it’s almost as likely to help as it is to hurt. I mean, if someone googles you for a future job and sees all your cool reflection about technology and education, they would be really impressed (even if they didn’t agree on baseball)! (*Did you know if you dig into an acquaintance’s online life the kids call you a creeper?) Also interesting are the contradictory feelings of constant surveillance and anonymity (just look at the vitriol on CNN articles’ comment areas. People will say anything, with tons of hyperbole, that they would never say if they knew each other).I also wonder if online interactions are going to stabilize in some kind of predictable order or if things will continually change as spying and privacy software take turns in the lead. Who knows?Take care!

  2. 2 Andy V

    Love the last post!

  3. 3 El Aguila

    I would never hold it against you that you are a Giants fan, though I do feel sorry for you, HAHA.I view my internet footprint as another side of my personality. Taken out of context it can be damaging, but so can first impressions. My greater fear is identity theft, which is another topic.

  4. 4 Margherite Dadiego

    I hear you Susi! I guess I feel that I have to be true to myself and if my ramblings offend it is not purposeful.

  5. 5 Steve Guthrie

    Pucia,I agree that Big Brother is definitely a worry. Check out my latest blog on a Chinese computer spy network. They had the capability to go onto someone’s computer and turn on the camera and record what was happening in the room – not to mention stealing the entire data content on the computer.

  6. 6 susi

    Hi Steve,Good information about the spy network….freaky, but extra fuel to stoke my paranoia fire. There are ‘Creepers’ out there for sure, that is the new term Pacie has just taught me–spies, creepers…sheesh.

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