Copy Right or Copy Cat?


6 April 2009

So, I try to  give proper diggs to the people whose photos I steal from the internet. I admit it, I have been in internet copycat, a copy-and-paste thief in the past….but like going to jail, and receiving therapy and rehabilitation, I am better now (phew!)…I am converted, I now am an upstanding copy-righter, and no longer a copy-wronger.

I am trying to learn how to use Creative Commons (CC) a site that links people sharing with people….and yet as a dumb-ass I still managed to mess it up.    All the images on my blog previous to this post,  have not been cited with proper credit to those artists.  I did take most images from the CC link-site, and even gave credit, but CC is not a place; it is a dispatch for the goods–like an operator assessing where to connect your 911 needs (firefighters, police or ambulance, etc..)   So, here is my question:  Should I re-right my copy-wrong?  

After my last Tech session, I was able to gain insight, understanding and application of practice to now feel more comfortable about SHARING (not stealing, I am converted remember?) images from Google, Yahoo, and general cyberland. 
Still, there is nothing i hate more than a thief…those who take knowingly what is not theirs…from material things (handbags, ipods) to signature skating moves and even intellectual property—yes, I mean stealing YOUR ideas! How dare they….. Have you ever had a great idea that someone claimed as their own? As a teacher do you get enough credit for your fabulous ideas? I know I often have great ideas that get stolen, or transformed and recreated and sold as someone else’s.   It that flattery? stealing? sharing? Mashing up? hmmm….there is a fine line…

As one of the most wonderful champions of good teaching practice, Mr. Harry Wong states about: “Beg, Borrow, or Steal” to make the best learning happen—and i add:  if you steal…give props.     It’s just nice.

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