Mean 2.0

Bullying is:

  • mean
  • humiliating
  • isolating
  • shameful
  • appalling
  • invisible

Is bullying new? No way! Mean people have been around since the dawn of humans. But, there are new ways to be mean. You can now upgrade to Bullying 2.0! Bullying happens in schools even without computers and mobile phones, but these new 21st Century gadgets and social networks sure do help enhance the EASE to be mean on-line.

As educators, what we can do to is to provide skills to help students recognize when they are being bullied (on any level) and then provide students with ‘next steps’ of what to do if they are being bullied.

Providing students with practice, roll-playing and pretend situations gets a student ready. It’s like learning to speak Spanish in a non-Spanish speaking environment. You ain’t gonna use it until you are in the right situation. Then, when you need it, you can bust a move with your suave Spanish language skills. Same with teaching students what to do if they are bullied, they are not going to use it until they need it…hopefully.

So…what to do if someone is bullying you? Putting nasty notes in your locker? Writing/spreading lies about you on Facebook, Myspace or email? DON’T erase them! TELL and adult about what is happening, and show them–they are now proof, evidence that someone is bullying you.


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