Are you wearing protection?


You know, I just can’t do it unless I have protection for my gear AND I need the right tools to get the job done. Strange things keep showing up in my in-box too, multiple users trying to sell me their junk. Sheesh, what do I have to do to be by myself? Sometimes I just want do things privately, anonymously you know, and just do it by myself without anyone watching, but there just always seems to be someone around.

Our lives are on-line. We shop online, we chat and socialize online, we share our personal information online. We are all over the place being digital citizens these days. We know people are taking, stealing, or buying our personal information we put out there too. How do I know? SPAM, and not the kind you eat (that’s probably healthier for us!) Our lives on-line are always monitored by someone and something…we are never alone. But there are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your ‘gear’ from cyber-thieves and cyber-perverts. The Australian government has a great website with clear steps you can take to shield yourself those unauthorized users and abusers.

The website states five tips for better online privacy:

Lastly, something you can do right now to help keep things private: Do not expose your friends. Leave their family names out of it….word.

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