Pre-Power of the Web Experiment


April 28th, 2009
What is the experiment? I want to see what happens if i make a post with just power-web-words, and tags.

  • Currently 235 views, 12 contries (start date: Feb. 11 2009)
  • Zero comments from anyone outside of my course network (save Jaime)
  • I will use comments/views as personal indicators to how powerful the web can be

Will my average viewers go up? Does anyone care? I understand the dangers that can go with something like this experiment…but i just want to know the power of the web.

5 Responses to “Pre-Power of the Web Experiment”

  1. 1 El Aguila

    Interesting question: Do more hits on your site make it a better page?

  2. 2 susi

    More hits, more better? No way.
    People do confuse popular with smart.

    With our information age, learning has changed….we just want the answers, but don’t want to think. We want the information deposited in our heads like we deposit money in a bank. We want more and more, but we don’t really want to EARN it, and i think the earning it, is the ‘thinking’.

    This experiment is just that…it means nothing, but i want to see if the buzz words impact the viewing.

  3. 3 El Aguila

    I don’t think learning has changed. There are more sources of information and there are more sources of misinformation. The learning objective is the same; separating useful sources from the bad sources.

  4. 4 Pacie

    Interesting idea, Susi! How does it compare to the hits for your other posts?

  5. 5 susi

    well…thus far…there has been ZERO influence of using “power words like: Sex”

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