Power of the Web? Reflection


May 4, 2009
So after a week’s posting, I figured if the web were really ‘honing’ in on buzz words, i must have published the wrong buzz words. Here are my findings:

  • no new comments from the ‘world’–still just my known mates (zero responses from anyone outside my own network)
  • 266 views from the same 12 countries (up 31 views in a week)

Overall, no real change, just a few more viewers, and that was probably me checking on the view-status. In conclusion, i have no power on the web in this format. The web is powerful in other forums yes, but I thought it would be more powerful than the data showed.

4 Responses to “Power of the Web? Reflection”

  1. 1 Jeff Utecht

    Thanks for running this little experiment. This gives me hope that the Web hasn’t become a place for people just to troll and find places to spam. That content and ideas still matter.

    You can’t “grow a web presence” by just tagging and using key words, that you still have to have content that people are willing to read. Content that draws people in, that is deep and reflective.

    It gives me hope that the web is more than just spam that there is power in content and understanding how to create links between the content.

    Keep me posted on how this little experiment goes.

  2. 2 susi

    So, i do have to add to my reflection, and I am sorry to have already deleted the post requests, because they would have been a good dose of “humor” to the experiment. I had two potential comment-ors approach me for ‘personal’ information–basically, they ‘hit on me.’ So in short, those ‘power’ web words may have influenced some ‘cyber-perverts’ my way.

  3. 3 Steve Guthrie


    The blog game is indeed puzzling. It seems to me that if one wants to have a large following, it takes time and the use of strategies to expand connection/networks. At least the common person has a platform with the potential to reach millions at virtually no cost.


  4. 4 El Aguila

    I don’t know if you test was an accurate representation of the web and its potential. Obviously there is the small window of time. But more importantly, creating a blog or any new page is comparable to posting a flyer on a bulletin board. It may or not be seen.

    Specifically to blogging, I think a new blogger must read and post responses on other blogs in order to create a following for one’s own blog.

    I started blogging in order to relieve stress instead of confronting people for whose actions and statements I disagreed. I am not necessarily concerned with readership since I to only have a few readers, which is probably a good thing for me.

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