Beg, Borrow and Steal….but give credit to people who you steal from K?


Sept 12, 2009

Hello Cloud Community! I have indeed sinned. I started off with the good habit of using Creative Commons religiously, but I have fallen off the wagon and at times, have even ‘stolen’ images off the internet in an appropriate manner. The commandment of “Thou shall not steal”–it went out the window…..I know, I know…shame on me!
Up on my soapbox now:  Don’t you hate it when someone STEALS your great ideas and claims them as their own? Or even worse doesn’t give your credit–not that you want it, but it is FAIR to give credit where credit it due!! Yes….you know who you are, it’s sinful!

One Response to “Beg, Borrow and Steal….but give credit to people who you steal from K?”

  1. 1 Jeff Utecht

    Interesting that you are learning that you don't like reading online. The first step is knowing what you like and don't like and then finding ways to work around it.

    I'd have to say I'm the opposite, I find reading online easier, or should I say reading digital text easier. I struggle with reading a book and when ever possible find a book in audio format as I know that's how I learn best. Finding what works for you and then finding how to use it the majority of the time is a great take away from this course.

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