Visual. Aids. Learning.


September 12, 2009
Course 3, post II

Adding dynamic visuals to teaching, students and learners CATCH and GRAB the meaning of the intended content quickly….

Visuals are a HUGE help in stimulating our curiosity. Visuals are textual windows of storytelling and can arouse and pique interest in conversations to construct deeper understanding. People are just so clever with the pictures they choose or create…and these visuals are now more than ever helping to explain content from classroom to boardroom. Reading pictures has a real impact on learning and educators are starting to take on the role of teaching how to interpret and translate these images into powerful messages with school age learners. Furthermore, visuals are also a quick way to read…it takes just a few seconds or minutes to read a picture or watch a short video to help your understanding (think demo video), but it takes a long time to read a chapter, a book in order to gain understanding (think owner’s manual).
So here is the headline: Visuals aid learners by showing….and the learners explain with telling and interpreting what they see.

One Response to “Visual. Aids. Learning.”

  1. 1 prof de français

    I really like your headline. This is how I try to use visual in my classroom: get the students to use their French to describe an image.

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