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Recently, I read a blogpost by David Jakes, and it was a quote he took from Lynell Burmark, Ph.D. Stanford University, that helped me construct an understanding of the power a visual has to us as human beings biologically: “The auditory nerve transmits sound to the brain and is composed of about 30,000 fibers. Contrast […]

pic by susip Interesting…as i was reading a blogpost online about the importance of adding VISUALS to help learners connect to the content….guess what? That blogpost had NO VISUAL to go along with its post!! I was missing the visual to help ME connect! I will not post the article that made me laugh out […]

We update our wardrobe, our hairstyles, the spices in our cabinet–even our meds…. Now it is time to update our Presentations! Man alive, I am re-reading a few presentations I created dating back about 5 years, and they sucked big time!  The content is okay actually, but the style is so..passée…lots of words and not […]