Where in the World Contest

You are challenged….a visual story…

YOUR TASK–Where is this picture from and What are they doing?

The big question i have for you readers:
HOW DO YOU KNOW if yoy are correct?
What clues did you use?
What prior knowledge did you connect to?

Winner gains title: “Winner for Susi’s Where in the World contest!”

4 Responses to “Where in the World Contest”

  1. 1 John Breedlove

    I googled "african fishing gourd" and found a similar image on the first page of results. My second search was "Argungu fishing festival" after having identified the first photo. A few clicks later I found the exact image you used, I think. The exact photo was from here, probably. Careful checking however revealed that this festival does not exist at all, and is in fact a Norwegian internet scam whereby unsuspecting internet surfers are defrauded of millions of dollars a year in unfulfilled African eco-tourism/fishing trips. Total search time estimated 5 minutes.

    I assumed they were African, but I was willing to go Caribbean if pressed. Gourds and fishing seem fairly obvious. I also considered searching from the angle of "really tough day for fish", but for fish it is tough all over.


  2. 2 susi

    @John B. Thank you for you thinking…MOST of your ideas are correct, and i will wait to post them until next week, so that someone else can take a chance too…However, your Norwegian comment was NOT correct…

  3. 3 Jonathan

    Sub-saharan Africa (look of people) …probably West Africa (hats)…river(color of water) …community festival (looks organized, in an African sort of way)… ceremonial activity (mostly men, if it was normal everyday work, the women would be doing it)….Fish have been herded into small area with large, long net (color of water, density of fishermen, familiarity with technique in several countries in Africa) ….everyone gets down into the water with their long floated nets to catch the massed fish.

    Do I win? And more importantly, whats the prize?

  4. 4 susi

    Jonathan…i like how you are able to talk about your thinking and by using the parentheses ( ) you are able to isolate the clues you used….fantastic! I especially like your "ceremonial" connection to the men v. the everyday work the women would be doing…nice insight man.

    Do you win? Well, the "John" above used his Google skills quite accurately, however you used your thinking skills and that is what i was looking for…so yes, you are now in first place!!! The prize is the title of winning Susi's fun contest..which intrinsically is good no?

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