Before and After


We update our wardrobe, our hairstyles, the spices in our cabinet–even our meds….

Now it is time to update our Presentations! Man alive, I am re-reading a few presentations I created dating back about 5 years, and they sucked big time!  The content is okay actually, but the style is so..passée…lots of words and not a lot of stimulus for the audience. I do not present much these days, yet I am a fan of the  ZEN presentation style. The zen part comes from using ONE visual that sums up the content while the presenter talks, AND that visual adds an emotional link for the audience…..
Here is a ‘before’ slide of a past presentation, and here is a newer ‘updated’ version…whaddya think? Better?

One Response to “Before and After”

  1. 1 mscofino

    Love it! I can make a connection in my mind to the story told by the image as opposed to having to read through dense text (most likely while someone is talking about the text). Nicely done!

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