Are you-ING?

Course 4 begins…My blogpost stems from a class discussion about integration of technology v. direct technology skill teaching.
One of my past tweets speaks of how 21st Century people are always “ing” something–be it: Twittering, Googling, Facebooking la-la-la…we are a plugged in community and it is NOT going away. We need to be do-ING something all the time and have it personalized, just like our mobile phone ring tones….

We as educators talk about bringing students into the 21st Century, but it’s too late. THEY are already here, blogging and podcasting, and creating videos and uploading them on Youtube and well….. it’s fun right? Totally fun and engaging. Yet, we when use technology as in integrated part of student learning, as educators we must ask ourselves What are we really teaching the students and WHY and HOW does adding technology “accessories” enhance that specific learning? Does making a voice thread project really enhance a student’s oral language development and if so–HOW? As educators we should be responsible to know that answer if we choose to use that tool to enhance our student’s learning.
Teachers want to help support each student the best they can, I truly believe this, but sometimes we get lost in all the Bling of the tech tools just like our students….mainly because we do not have a the time needed to practice and master a new tech tool before the next version comes out (read Outliers about practice and mastery—very cool!). We as Educators are so quick to jump on bandwagons, and we have jumped on this Tech Bandwagon, but MY WORD DOES THAT WAGON MOVE FAST!! I don’t know about ya’ll out there, but i always feel that my tech learning is always urgent and never up to par, and i do consider myself more savvy than many of my peers, but never savvy enough…sigh.

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