Basics First


I read a blogpost by David Warlick regarding direct technology classes and should they exist? Here are some of my thoughts and comment to the post:

“Hi Dave….Technology is a tool to help enhance (student) learning and students are at all different levels with their learning and their skills. Having tech skills and being able to think about how to use their tech skills (to support their learning) is a process itself.  Let me see if I can make this analogy….Like learning a language, let’s say Japanese, (there are) many facets to enhance our development.

If fluency is our target goal, then we take steps to achieving that goal– we spend time daily in that target language practicing in a variety of contexts be it shopping, socializing or learning idioms to better express ourselves in the finer nuances of that language. It helps to have direct instruction in that target language from someone who speaks that language doesn’t it? AND what if i already learned all the basic ‘vegetable’ words in Japanese and I have mastered that lesson? Do you think my teacher can help guide me into the finer, more delicate vegetable words to help me build my vocabulary further or is that a waste of time? When we use/teach/integrate technology into our classroom learning, our students are all over the board–some (and some) digital natives are technology illiterate…there ARE some basics skills that are necessary to teach…so (students) can move forward (anyone have a researched list on what these basic skills are by the way?)….but TIME to practice, to immerse oneself, i feel, is one of the biggest supports we can give to our students when they learn with technology….”photo


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