ESL Body Parts and FLIP Video

ESL Kindergarten Lesson: Body Parts
“I can __________ with my ___________.”
For new or beginning English language learners, sometimes language has to be broken down to the basic of basics. I teach Kindergarten ESL and our immersion program does lots of sheltering and scaffolding for students with their academic language acquisition. However, basic language skills are equally important for students learning to express themselves. It is important to give students a balance of academic and social language in a beginners ESL class so that they can understand and apply new language skills, and also express their needs and thoughts comfortably.
Last week, our ESL class sunk their teeth into learning body part vocabulary. The students paired body part names with actions. We first read the book: From Head To Toe, for some fun acting out. Then the students used the prompt: ‘I can (blank) with my (blank).’ Some responses were: “I can listen with my ears.” or “I can wiggle with my hips.” I took footage with a Flip camera made a movie with imovie. Enjoy!
A few weeks ago, some students had zero English…now look at them go! Woohoo!

3 Responses to “ESL Body Parts and FLIP Video”

  1. 1 Teaching Sagittarian

    Toooooooo cute!
    Well done ESL Kinders you have done a fabulous job sharing your learning.
    Awesome Susi! This is fantastic learning for you and your students!! I'm so pleased you shared it with us all!

  2. kids teaching kids is the best idea

    • 3 susi

      Hi Sarah,
      I agree! When learners can teach each other, they demonstrate a deep level of understanding not only of the content, but also they are utilizing new language skills to enhance a social community of learners. It is always a wonderful moment to see peers sharing with peers.

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