You do it. No, it’s YOUR job!

Whose job is it to teach writing skills to students who are learning to write lab reports for a chemistry class? Is that the job of the Language Arts teacher? Or should the Chemistry teacher perhaps make sure that student writing encapsulates correct conventions of punctuation and grammar?
We as teachers are so excited to add “TECHIE TOYS” to enhance the ‘products’ of learning. We ask our students to display their content learning for example, through different techie-tool choices like imovie, powerpoint, podcasts, or blogs. BUT, when it comes to ‘end product’ sometimes the product is crap!!    The learner’s imovie may be horrible, the blog may be full of grammatical mistakes and the podcast voice recording may be a mumbled mess. Whose job is it to teach the tech skills required to enhance learning/application of content?

When I look at any type of teaching, I believe it is the teacher at hand who is responsible for teaching the skills to attain the quality of the end product. BUT, with that said, it sure does help to collaborate and to work together as a team to support each other and students with consistency of the skills to be taught. If we want a movie, we (collectively) need to teach the skills of how to make a movie. It is a LOT of work and it takes time! If you want your students to use imovie or blogging as one of the means for them to apply and to demonstrate their learning effectively…..teach them HOW to use their new techie-tool first. Whose job is it to teach them that new techie-tool?  ….Yours and mine…it goes like this:
Whose job is it to teach iMovie if a student in the class wants to use iMovie as a presentation tool?  “IT’S MY JOB.” (not the Tech teacher)
Whose job is it to make sure that students are following the school rules?  “IT’S MY JOB.” (not the counselor)
Whose job is it to make sure students are acquiring basic English skills in the classroom?  IT’S MY JOB.(that’s right, it is not the job of the ESL teacher anymore!)

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