Laptop care


“How to you best manage the use of laptops in your classroom and what additional best practice ways might you add?”

One way I manage laptops is by making the very first lesson a lesson where students are directly instructed on:

  1. How to wash your hands before handling a computer
  2. How to turn on/off the computer properly
  3. How to retrieve/carry/put away their assigned laptops (or computer station)
  4. How to be accountable for their laptop all year long

With this being the first lesson of the year with my students, I can set a tone for the rest of the year.  I model for the students each of the desired behaviors, and then give the student time to practice in that first class with the laptops.  This first day sends a message  for students to expect that their will be norms and direct learning activities.  It is simple, it is successful and it is a piece that allows a respect for the use of the laptop, much in the same way that readers learn to take care of books, and turn pages correctly.

The first part of learning to manage a laptop is to instill good practices from day one.

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