re-do…calculated risk…k, thanks.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Einstein

i just re-thought…As Educators, we teach skills and strategies to learners in hope that students are able to transfer those skills independently with real life application.  It is like teachers can teach about painting, and then it is up to the painter to foster their own understanding of what the paint can do, and what the artist can do with that paint—why not take a risk and add sand to the paint and CREATE a new paint texture?   Like Charlie Teo, taking his knowledge base and pushing his thinking.

If I as a teacher can provide the safe environment for a learner to practice his or her independence and those learners can take risks and be creative with their thinking, hopefully is what I would call my classroom.  But classrooms are not real places for the real life…they are practice rinks.   Einstein did not wait around to learn how to create inside his school classroom; he instead took his skill base and independently scratched his itch of curiosity.  And for Einstein, it was his curiosity that pushed his thinking.

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