TEDxBKK Minds Wide Open


minds wide open

Wowzers!  “Thalk” about Thailand off the hook!  The first TEDx Talks held in Bangkok were outstanding, professional and inspiring.  I am still digesting and processing all the ideas and energies that were shared yesterday.  I feel that our intimate audience of about 400 people could use a week together to talk and process and internalize the deeper meanings and inspiriations from our collective experience.   We do not have time for that of course, so we collective stay together with our #TEDxBKK on Twitter, and our new friends that we made throughout the day on other forms of social networking. I was lucky to be sitting by Educational Tech wonderwoman, Kim Cofino (the fotos are hers too!), and we were able to share giggles and nods throughout the day long event.

Some of the highlights of the day, included:

all rock and roll for this 3D lover!

Apirak Kosayodhin, an advisor to Prime Minister Abhisit Veijjajiva of Thailand spoke to Generation Asia, or Gen-A as he coins the term.  He spoke of Asia’s future in Economics and global success, his talk was geared towards the upcoming young people who use social networking to tap into power. He interviewed “Gen-A-ers” from 17 different countries, and the feedback he shared yesterday spoke to how the upcoming generation expect their jobs will be: “creative and without a boss.”  hmm…Julie Lavoie talked about early morning Bangkok, the 6am Bangkok, and i loved how she stated that early mornings are owned by us, morning is our private timeRobyn Treyvaud, a sassy Australian grandmother from Cyberia shared her efforts of addressing cyber-safety, an understated field of how to keep students/children safe  and ethical while on the net…bravo Robyn!  Chris Smith and Shamblesguru took us along to another world, the Virtual World of Second Life, which has great potential to enhancing learning environments–so engaging that International Schools Island!  James With also took us on an adventure with his Cyber Girlfriend and Avatar star, Neytheri, and he opened our eyes to the cutting edge of upcoming 3D home theaters—imagine surround VISION at home…James–you are all rock-and-roll my new friend! There was the sharkman, Chris Mitchell…he likes swimming with the big teethy fishies, and then there was Bruce Poon Tip, CEO of Gap Adventures–a travel company that tries to address triple-bottom-line innovation–people, planet, profit.  Gap Adventures taps into the social well being of the local people as footprints come into “their” homes and Gap Adv. gives back to the people–travel with a conscious.

Triple Bottom line for sustainable corporate success

But, it was really two young ladies, Daniela Ruby Papi, and Brooke Estin’s talks who really struck me.  Daniela shared her message of Giving.  One can give charity, like books (or water pumps), however, unless one also teaches the VALUE of reading, the books will have no value.  Her insight of making material gifts meaningful (and yes Aid organizations, this means you) is a simple way to help support those in need so that those in need can instrinsically move their families forward.
Brooke Estin, a 25 year old firecracker, stole the TEDxBKK show for me…at such a young age, she has spoke about meeting the man of her dreams, Dr Muhammad Yunus, and then acting and taking action and control of her dreams–Mind Wide Open.  An innovator for understandging the implications for tomorrow’s cooporate success using the Triple-bottom-line, Ms. Estin addressed how corporations, using crowdsourcing and social media enables large corporations, like Wallmart to stay competitive by adding sustainability to their business plan, and guess what?  That layer of added sustainability and responsibility turns a profit!  She got the audience thinking about their own measures of how we can make positive changes of consumerism–the more the merrier, the stronger push for change, let’s call this step, Carrot Mob (Th).  Like most great grassroots movements, Carrot Mob started in San Francisco.

TEDxBKK was a great success and thanks to a fantastic team, with Robert Newberry at the helm, it was a day for applause.  Thank you Team TEDxBKK!  Professional. Dignified. Fun.

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