Twitter and the Brain


Our 21st Century socially connected world today has many implications, one being:


What is up with our need to report to the world and WHY do we need to know everything RIGHT NOW?  Further, we collectively feel that we need to keep up with all the news, from someone’s pancake breakfast to the devastation in Haiti or Chile.  This is exhausting!   What has changed in me and you that we need the instant gratification?  And how is it changing our brain wiring?  World renown neuroscientist Susan Greenfield states:

The brains of the youth of today are headed for a drastic alteration. It’s as if all that young grey cortical matter is being scalded and defoliated by a kind of cognitive Agent Orange, depriving them of moral agency, imagination and awareness of consequences.”

With social networking our need to know right now has bloomed beyond measure….When one sends a Tweet to update what is happening, essentially you are becoming a ‘journalist‘ reporting.  That’s right, everybody is a journalist these days.  Twitter is very fast at disseminating information, therefore becoming a life-line for some….in fact, Twitter has become THE  source for news–faster than ‘tv radio’ news media can disseminate.  Media Sources need to verify the TRUTH of the news; social networks do not.  Can we trust the “source” via social networking?  Do we care?  Beyond this…how are the young students taking all this in?  They are the consumers of this change, are they learning to be critical with their instant gratification ” I ” (eye)?

The implications for instant gratification are huge.

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