Words and our Inner Dialogue


I saw this great short movie that my friend Kara sent out via FB and it really got me thinking….

Our concept of language can be so…..playful!

I love how this movie leads us to THINK–the movie just begins, there are no directions….we have to watch, think and interpret, and then WHAMO!  We figure something out…

After seeing this short, I was super ‘aware’ of how and at what point I ‘tapped’ into understanding the concept of this movie.  My attention was acute, I was engaged, and I was thinking….and it felt gooood….

Language…I love the talk in my head, and I love the dialogue that ‘just happens’ and I love when things–whether it is a person, place or thing inspires me to think!   As a teacher, I wonder how I can stimulate my students in ways that activate their brain juices like this movie activated mine…what would they interpret from seeing this video?  Do schools lead learners to think and to discover the beauty of learning and figuring out how the puzzles work?  What is it about this video that was so inspiring to me?  Was it the dopamine-rush reward center flashing away every time I figured out the word?  Jeez, all I know is that this little movie sure was stimulating, and I would love to inspire my students so that they make connections on their own too….enjoy the show!

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