Video Assessment


Here is a peek into the “Assessment” I used after teaching color words and body parts (click on link below).  We as educators know that the most important assessment happens “Formatively“–that is the minute-to-mintue feedback that occurs when we teach.  However, every so often, (when I can), a project comes along that really gives me insight into the many layers of a language learner.

After reading a book, The Big Green Monster, we practiced color words and body parts (CONTENT).  Then we made our own monsters, and practiced the pattern of speech from the book (APPLICATION).  We practiced and practiced talking about our Monsters, and when it was Movie Time (MOTIVATION), the kids did their best to use the content language from our lessons.  Of course the students are on a spectrum of speaking abilities, but stopping and reflecting on each learner through their video is a tool for me to help me support the individual needs of students.  Some students need further support with syntax, or pronunciation, or confidence or vocabulary–and I have proof!

When we stop and reflect on the individual needs of students, and even take anecdotal notes (or confer), it helps us teach better! It’s like catering to each student their own specialized meal–and who doesn’t love that?  Individualizing keeps learners growing and moving forward at their own pace.   I divide my students into smaller groups and work on like-need skills–because some kids need certain skills, while some students may already have that skill and I don’t want to ‘bore’ those students, instead I want to ‘inspire’ the other students to harvest skills that they do need.  It’s lot of work, but these kiddos are so worth it!

One Response to “Video Assessment”

  1. 1 Gigi

    Love the work your doing Miss P. I can see so much of you in that lesson.
    Go away two yellow eyed monster… Go away!!!!
    ; )

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