Zero English


A new group of AMAZING kiddos for the year! 78 students (Year 1) = 5 classes, and  15% who have arrived with ZERO English experience.  These babes (5 year olds) are immersed into a new culture, school and language.  Here are some observations this first week.

Zero English speakers:

  • often cry
  • do not feel safe
  • make friends quickly with any other student with their same native language
  • talk in their native language hoping that someone will understand
  • dive right in as if language is secondary to survival

As in international teacher who weaves in and out of different countries to live, work or play, I can only empathize with these new students….. “Yeah, I too find friends with my own language group, hope that someone understands my language when I do not speak theirs, do not always feel safe, and even cry sometimes.”  However, I am not five years old, I am an adult.

For all those new to a different language and who begin a new post, a new school, or a new culture, as with the kids, you’ll be fine.  As your EAL teacher or homeroom teacher to those in our Kindergarten classes…we feel ya, and will be as sympathetic to your needs.  We gotch-your back kiddos!

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