Wait Time


What is a great strategy for helping out Language Learners with oral production?   Okay…now wait for it……(pun intended)……WAIT TIME!   We get so much out of waiting…

It is so important to let our learners gather their thoughts with a nice amount of time so that they can PROCESS THE QUESTION, THINK and TRANSLATE. That is a lot of stuff going on in the brain. It is hard enough to respond to academics in one’s native language let alone in an additional language. This is a long video, but so engaging!!

Here is a video that I have adored for years, and just never shared it on my blog until now.  I especially like watching the Japanese girl (assuming she is Japanese) and how she eloquently answers with in her limited language…..only after she has graciously been given wait time (@5:07 min.).  The author of the video describes the moments between question and answer as “Thought Moments.”

How can this information help in your classroom?



One Response to “Wait Time”

  1. I love this video Susi! I did some training with Bill and Ochan Powell in KL several years ago and they talked about tracking eye movements like this, and this video explains and demonstrates it so clearly. Such a good reminder to provide time for our students to think – and it gives us a picture of what they’re actually thinking about even before they speak! Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll be using your post for course 3 in our COETAIL @ YIS cohort!

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