Nomadic Connection


Every so often, I take a break from my academic mind writing, to focus on my personal mind.  Today, i reflect on Global Nomads–those who find their paths away from their home country. Recently, I have been in Lovina, Bali, hanging out with my new friend Gus, an American who has runs the hotel.  Our conversations spin around  our odd past jobs, learning how to hotwire/stealing cars,  and local Balinese cuisine.  We are fast-friends, and share intimate details about our lives easily, just as we have known each other all our lives.     We haven’t.    But this does not matter.  It is this ease and non-judgmental feeding we do for each other that is one of the addictive threads of traveling.  He is 30 years my senior, but an equal on the grounds of friendship and conversation.  We laugh at each others stories over some cold beers, and he makes me feel right at home.  Traveling is such an opportunity–to learn about people, places and things…

What is so profound about meeting Gus, is the reminder that Gus symbolizes a huge part of who i am.  I am a ‘global adventurer’  looking for connections and new experiences around our world and find most weight in the people connections.  I see Gus and feel a comfort level that is the ‘collective shoe that fits’.   These connections are my mementos, my souvenirs that make the world worth the wander.  Forever learning, forever connecting, and blessed for the chance to do so….I enjoy this path, and savor the footsteps along the way.


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