10 EAL Strategies


10 ways to Boost Language in your classroom, (there are so many more, but here are some basics):

  1. Use visuals—we learn so much from what we see.
  2. Limit Teacher Talk!  You talk less—they talk more.  (e.g. Think-Pair-Share, Wh Q’s)  Your voice is an effective tool, and so are your ears.
  3. Give wait time…and lots of it.  It is amazing what happens when you allow space.
  4. Comprehension Checks—check for understanding all along the way.  Formative assessments are key for continuing.
  5. Use Hand/Body Gestures—makes input more comprehensible.
  6. Use Graphic Organizers—make time for this, it helps students rehearse and organize what they are learning. (e.g. Venn diagram, T-chart, Story Map)
  7. Let them talk with their peers.  Peer Talk helps them organize and express their content.
  8. Add chants and music—great for hearing and speaking target language.  Great for assessment too…have them make their own song up about the content!
  9.  (       this space for YOUR favorite strategy…    )
  10.  (       got one more?      )

Feel free to share your favorite strategies in the comments section.  All learners,  (not just ELL’s) need to develop new academic language.

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