EAL classroom setting


There are so many varieties of what an International school’s classroom looks like.  At the International School Bangkok (ISB), the classrooms look similar across pre-k-12th grade.  They are rich with students whose home language is NOT English, and they have students who are new to English and then there is everyone else (native English speakers, Learning Resource students, Speech-Language students, high-flyers, intervention etc..)

  • ELL:  English Language Learners (not in official program support)
  • EAL: English as an Additional Language (official program support)
  • EAP: English for Academic Purposes (official program support)

Provided is a visual for the EAL support program in the Elementary school at ISB.  As all students have Academic language needs, some students have more demanding English needs, and these students receive extra support with the English as an Additional Language Program (EAL). When there is a most urgent need for English language learners (these are the zero English beginning speakers), and extra class is provided to support their language needs outside of the classroom in place of one of their world language choices (Students take Thai or Spanish or Mandarin or English).

The goal of the EAL program is to meet students needs inside a push-in support co teaching model, and a pull-out academic based English language support class.  With the partnership of the amazing language rich experiences provided by the mainstream teacher, and the extra support from the EAL teacher inside-outside the classroom…the EAL students are able to succeed with learning English and academic content throughout the day.

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