I am misplaced Californian who finds her home internationally.  Currently working as an English Language Acquisition specialist on Bali, Indonesia.  I have also worked as an educator in Thailand, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

This blog hosts a mix of posts from a 21st Century classroom teachers point of view, an English Language specialist’s (EAL teacher) point of view, along with some brain science goodies and then… just some cheeky rants.

As an English Language Acquisition Specialist I help support basic and academic language to non-native English speakers in the rigorous International school setting.  I support families who try to maintain their family’s native language and also encourage home culture preservation.

The neural-scientific learning is a passion that helps me learn to foster better teaching to enhance quality learning.  To understand how the brain works is to support and maximize learning. Brain science helps me reach my own potential as a educator.  I take it very seriously when I help students to make connections and “Grow Brains” (dendrites really).  It is great to “bring out” learning strengths to help students flourish!

I am inspired mostly by feeling time go by slowly….being outdoors, up in the mountains, or below sea level looking at nudibranchs…and laughing!  Be sure to leave your thoughts, as those chats are the best for growing our ideas!



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