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There are so many varieties of what an International school’s classroom looks like.  At the International School Bangkok (ISB), the classrooms look similar across pre-k-12th grade.  They are rich with students whose home language is NOT English, and they have students who are new to English and then there is everyone else (native English speakers, […]

How do parents play a positive role in fostering good language habits for their children?  Can schools influence what language parents speak to their child at home? As an EAL teacher, I work daily with young non-English speaking learners and help support their English language acquisition.  As the school language is English, about 60% of […]

10 ways to Boost Language in your classroom, (there are so many more, but here are some basics): Use visuals—we learn so much from what we see. Limit Teacher Talk!  You talk less—they talk more.  (e.g. Think-Pair-Share, Wh Q’s)  Your voice is an effective tool, and so are your ears. Give wait time…and lots of […]