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There are so many varieties of what an International school’s classroom looks like.  At the International School Bangkok (ISB), the classrooms look similar across pre-k-12th grade.  They are rich with students whose home language is NOT English, and they have students who are new to English and then there is everyone else (native English speakers, […]

Whose job is it to teach writing skills to students who are learning to write lab reports for a chemistry class? Is that the job of the Language Arts teacher? Or should the Chemistry teacher perhaps make sure that student writing encapsulates correct conventions of punctuation and grammar? We as teachers are so excited to […]

Ants collaborate. Bees too–they are Wired for it. These two animals are some of the only successful individuals who truly make teamwork seamless.  It is in their DNA.  Their societies DEPEND on each other in the means of mass collaboration.  Humans?…not so much, we are okay on small teams, but as a team-society of billions?   It […]