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Recently, I read and interesting quote from the National Council of Teachers of English, (NCTE 2008): As society and technology change, so does literacy.  Because technology* has increased the intensity and complexity of literate environments, the twenty-first century demands that a literate person possess a wide range of abilities and competencies, many literacies.  These literacies–from […]

Whose job is it to teach writing skills to students who are learning to write lab reports for a chemistry class? Is that the job of the Language Arts teacher? Or should the Chemistry teacher perhaps make sure that student writing encapsulates correct conventions of punctuation and grammar? We as teachers are so excited to […]

Are you-ING?


Course 4 begins…My blogpost stems from a class discussion about integration of technology v. direct technology skill teaching. One of my past tweets speaks of how 21st Century people are always “ing” something–be it: Twittering, Googling, Facebooking la-la-la…we are a plugged in community and it is NOT going away. We need to be do-ING something […]