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There are so many varieties of what an International school’s classroom looks like.  At the International School Bangkok (ISB), the classrooms look similar across pre-k-12th grade.  They are rich with students whose home language is NOT English, and they have students who are new to English and then there is everyone else (native English speakers, […]

Do you know what an Iconic Gesture* is?  Take the poll first: Yes indeed…gestures are physical movements expressing verbal speech.  You know….giving someone a thumbs up or an Okay sign….fist in the air to show urgency…and even  vulgar hand gestures succinctly convey verbal meaning!  So, why should we be using our hands to support our […]

Even though most of my job is direct student contact time with EAL students, that is not where all the learning happens.  Some of my most important, most powerful teaching  happens when I meet & consult with PARENTS.  I meet with parents often..informally almost daily, and formally for consults about once a fortnight.  The parents […]