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10 ways to Boost Language in your classroom, (there are so many more, but here are some basics): Use visuals—we learn so much from what we see. Limit Teacher Talk!  You talk less—they talk more.  (e.g. Think-Pair-Share, Wh Q’s)  Your voice is an effective tool, and so are your ears. Give wait time…and lots of […]

Every so often, I take a break from my academic mind writing, to focus on my personal mind.  Today, i reflect on Global Nomads–those who find their paths away from their home country. Recently, I have been in Lovina, Bali, hanging out with my new friend Gus, an American who has runs the hotel.  Our […]

Wait Time


What is a great strategy for helping out Language Learners with oral production?   Okay…now wait for it……(pun intended)……WAIT TIME!   We get so much out of waiting… It is so important to let our learners gather their thoughts with a nice amount of time so that they can PROCESS THE QUESTION, THINK and TRANSLATE. That is […]