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Even though most of my job is direct student contact time with EAL students, that is not where all the learning happens.  Some of my most important, most powerful teaching  happens when I meet & consult with PARENTS.  I meet with parents often..informally almost daily, and formally for consults about once a fortnight.  The parents […]

10 ways to Boost Language in your classroom, (there are so many more, but here are some basics): Use visuals—we learn so much from what we see. Limit Teacher Talk!  You talk less—they talk more.  (e.g. Think-Pair-Share, Wh Q’s)  Your voice is an effective tool, and so are your ears. Give wait time…and lots of […]

Fossils = preserved ancient remains of animals or plants that are artifacts left for archeologists to dig up and study right?  What about Language Learning fossils?  The learners whose habitual errors, which do not interfere with communication, but do not get better despite experiences or corrective, constructive feedback with the target language. How many times […]